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This page should be designed to speak to physicians and healthcare providers. Here we can discuss the opportunies and technology we offer. Such as ANCILLARY SERVICES, DME, MEDICAL DEVICE DISTRIBUTION, 


  • Medical Device

    • Spine Implants​

    • Biologics

    • Bone Growth Stimulators

  • Durable Medical Equipment​

    • Cold Therapy​ - Cryomedic System

    • Electrotherapy - Micro-Z II

  • Ancillary Services

    • SMS Diagnostic Testing Labs

      • Respiratory Pathogens​

      • UTI

    • Allergy Testing​

    • Genetic Testing

INTERNAL USE ONLY: The goal for this page would be to forward physicians looks for medical devices to the site. 

Those looking for DME can be sent to

We can use streamline-medical to focus primarily on Labs? 

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