The Micro-Z™ II is the world’s first “wearable” DC stimulation device. Its copyrighted software provides a unique DC electrotherapeutic energy to the afflicted area. The Micro-Z™ II DC stimulator can deliver its  energy through either hydrogel stick-on electrodes or Prizm’s proprietary Sigma garment electrodes in the form of socks, sleeves and gloves. They are soft, comfortable, and provide a unique method for delivery of electrotherapy energy uniformly over the entire treatment area.

The ease of use of our products, coupled with the compact size of the Micro-Z™ II allows for nighttime delivery of electrotherapeutic treatment; thereby increasing the number of treatments per day and improving patient compliance.

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VT5 - Thermal Compression Therapy

The VT5 is the industry's most technologically advanced, multi-modality thermal, compression, and DVT prophylactic system. The VT5 delivers a totally unique and proprietary thermal compression therapy solution in one easily transportable device. Solid-state technology eliminates the need for ice, offers precise temperature control for preventing thermal tissue damage and delivers exceptional reliability. Medical Professionals agree this is the safest alternative to traditional ice therapies and has been shown to reduce the usage of pain medications. 

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In-Office Diagnostic Testing

Are you still sending diagnostic testing to a local reference lab? Do you know you can own your own lab and significantly improve turn around times? SMS|LABS offers a turnkey solution to physicians interested in owning their own medical diagnostic testing lab. Our program helps healthcare providers improve patient care and satisfaction by providing faster and better results. 

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Orthopedic Implants & Biologics

We represent the largest and most innovative medical device companies in the world. We believe that great products combined with experienced representatives are what surgeons need to provide optimal care to their patients. Our surgeon clients enjoy having an experienced team by their side when it matters most. 

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Streamline Medical Solutions is committed to improving patient care by providing medical professionals with the most advance technology on the market.  Our goal is to be a single source provider for all of our customers. We are able to achieve this by actively seeking new products from innovative companies to better serve our customers enabling them to deliver the best quality patient care.

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